MadCalc 1.1

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MadCalc is a full featured graphing calculator application for your PC running Windows. With MadCalc you can graph rectangular, parametric, and polar equations. Plot multiple equations at once. Change the colors of graphs and the background.

New in version 1.1

  • PNG export support
  • Update notification support
  • Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 officially supported with some tweaks.

    Use the immediate window feature to evaluate complex multivariate expressions.

    Teachers can use MadCalc to create handouts for your classroom. Students can use it instead of that tiny calculator screen while you are doing your calculus homework.

    MadCalc supports all the commonly used functions including trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, logarithms, and rounding and absolute value functions.

    MadCalc allows you to export your work as bitmap files for printing or editing.

    MadCalc allows you to zoom in and out on graphs or set the scale in terms of x and y explicitly or scroll just by clicking on the graph and dragging it.

    MadCalc provides all the essential graphing functionality without the complexity, cost, or overhead of something like Mathematica or MatLab.

    Builtin Functions:
    abs(x)         return absolute value of x
    floor(x)       return highest integer value less than or equal to x
    ceil(x)        return lowest integer value greater than or equal to x
    mod(x,y)       return remainder of x divided by y
    sqrt(x)        return the square root of x, same as x^0.5
    log(x)         natural logarithm of x
    exp(x)         e to the x power
    sin(x)         sine of x
    cos(x)         cosine of x
    tan(x)         tangent of x
    arcsin(x)      arcsine of x
    arccos(x)      arccosine of x
    arctan(x)      arctangent of x
    arctan2(y,x)   arctangent of y/x corrected for quadrant
    sinh(x)        hyperbolic sine of x
    cosh(x)        hyperbolic cosine of x
    tanh(x)        hyperbolic tangent of x
    pi()           constant for Pi
    Operators from highest precedence to least:
    ( )     parenthesis and comma
    ^       exponentiation
    + -     unary plus and minus
    * /     multiplication and division
    + -     addition and subtraction
    =       equals (assignment)
  • Rectangular
    Immediate Window
    Immediate Window

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