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    New Features In Version 1.5

  • Save screen captures as PNG files.
  • Resize screenshots before saving them.
  • You can now click and drag the image in the preview window to scroll.
  • The save dialog can be resized along with the preview.

MadLogic ScreenShot allows you to quickly and easily capture images of specific windows, your entire desktop, or any rectangular onscreen area.

Once you have selected the target area or window you can choose to save it as either a Window Bitmap or a JPEG file.

When you choose the "Next window clicked" option, MadLogic ScreenShot will capture the next window you click with the mouse and allow you to save it with or without the border.

Regardless of how you select the image to capture you have the option to scale the image to half-size or flip it horizontally or vertically before saving.

And to save you time, MadLogic ScreenShot can automatically save with the last used options. When saving with the last used options, the image file will be saved in the same location as the last image, with a number appended to the filename that is incremented each time. For example, your files would be named something like myscreenshot1.bmp, myscreenshot2.bmp, etc.

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